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What Is Residual Income And Can I Get Some?

What is Residual income? Residual income is what I basically live for. It's the reason that I no longer work 9 to 5 in the forty-year plan that we all stuck in and it's the reason why I have just come back from my third family vacation in six months. It's also the reason that I have no more mortgage and no car payments and that I can afford to have a new bowling ball made and have the cat fixed.

The dictionary defines residual income as "Earnings that are accrued on a frequent basis - usually monthly. These earnings are generated from members in a down line. Repeat Business: The situation when a customer returns to purchase a product or service. This is seen as a key endorsement of a business."

Have you heard of this term before? Basically, it's when you are earning money day after day, week after week, and month after month without doing any extra work. It's also when you make a sale once, most likely from a program with a monthly fee, and you get commissions for every month that your customer stays in the program.

Residual income is great income. I have never heard anyone say anything bad about it.
So it must be good. The other proof that it's great income is that everyone of us that have residual income try to make more and more of it as we can never seem to have enough of it. Work once then sell once and keep earning...God I love this business. If you promote several programs that can earn you residual income, guess what? You are going to be rich.

Imagine when you have a few people joining a few of the programs that you promote. And imagine that this happens every month. This really starts to add up! Well folks! That's the Power of Residual Income

Let me give you an example let's say you are promoting a merchant who is selling an e-book on how to make money in your PJ's. This books sell for 97$ and you earn 50% commissions. Also, with the book comes a membership site for another 10$ a month which you get 50% commission on. Let's say that every month for a year 5 people buy the e-book and all register for the membership site. Well my friend you've just made (let me calculate this here)....A lot of money...Seriously that about $3000.00 and that's just one product and five sales a year...No wonder all those Internet Guru's are driving Ferraris.

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